Sunday, June 27, 2010


I'm sure most of you thought by now, I would never be back. I truly don't know where Spring went. Once the snow melted and things began to warm up, I went to the garden, my passion until the weather gets hot or cold. Now that it is hot, I can get back to recipes. I have some good ones for you to try now and next spring.

One of the things that took some of my time, was an English afternoon tea for 6 that I sold at a fund raiser for PEO. I did quite a lot of research and testing for this and I must say things turned out very well. All the time I was doing the preparation, my mind kept drifting back to the 2 years we lived at Pycard's Hall, Reed by Bury St. Edward, Suffolk, England, that was our actual address for receiving mail, no numbers at all. Reed was a village of about 100 people, one pub, The Plough and a Norman church that hadn't been active for at least 200 years. Some of you won't be interested in putting on a tea, but the recipes will work for many occasions and are certainly worth trying. I will put the tea recipes in a special category, Afternoon Tea, instead of desserts, sandwiches or bread, etc.. I hope you will enjoy them as much as the guests and my husband.

Thank you for your patience, I hope I can make up for this long delay.


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